Deep House Cleaning

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Deep Cleaning for New Clients

Hygiene Care 101 always advices its customers to do deep house cleaning at least once a month. Most people are still confused about the differences between deep and regular cleaning. When deep cleaning has been done correctly, the service provider also apply some disinfecting solution so that the house is not only cleaned but disinfected as well. When people do regular cleaning, they use regular detergent and solutions that are some times cheap and very dangerous and therefore, one needs to wear gloves when using the normal chemicals.

Another reason to do deepl cleaning is when the rented house or partment changes owners. In this scenario, it is advisable not only to do deep cleaning but also a certain level of pest control solution must be applied. There is nothing annoying than occupying an aprtment whose provios tenant was not clean.

In some cultures, deep cleaning a house is only done once a year to usher in Spring. As much as there is nothing wrong with the idea but deep cleaning must form part of the monthly routine and must not be left until the house looks like a pig sty.

Find House Cleaning Services near you

It is very easy now to find housle cleaning service around you. All you do is go to google and type house deep cleaning service and google will give a list of house cleaning camponies near you. If you are around Vanderbijl Park, Sasolburg, Vereening, Bophelong, Sebokeng, Sharpville, Kopanong, Boipatong and surrounding areas, give Hygiene Care 101 a call at 083 403 7665 and we will be ready to come help you with all aspects of depp cleaning a house.

Declutter Before Deep Cleaning

Decluttering is always a good thing to do and more especially before you consider deep cleaning. Decluttering means getting rid of things and staff you no longer use. I always use the rule of 6 when decluterring. If I hav not used something for 6 months, the chnaces are I might not use it again and therefore a good candidate for decluttering.

There is nothinng so painfull that visiting a customer for a follow-up after deep cleaning only to find mess and clutter all over the house. Clutter makes a house look dirty even if it is actually clean. If you struggling with this aspect like most of my customers, call a decluttering expert and sort out your house before you consider deep cleaning.

What Do I Need to Deep Clean My Home?

The approach to clean your house must be simple. First, ask yourself if your good or an expert at cleaning and if the answer is no, get an expert or a professional to clean your house. Most people opt for the easier and cheaper way and end up cleaning their own house.

Once again, it is not wrong for anyone to clean thier house as long as they can do a thorough job and be proud of it. But why steal that valuable from family members and spend it cleaning while you can hire a professional and have a picnic with your puppies and young ones? surely they will love it.

To asnwer the above question, all you need to do is get a professional and get that book that you always wanted to read and evour that while someone professional is cleaning your house.

Deep Cleaning the Entire Home

Deep cleaning the entire house might take 3 – 5 hours depending on the size of the home and the number of people cleaning the house. The number of people coming and the duration of the cleaning are some of the questions you must ask the company that will be cleaning your house. Some people prefer to stay and supervise the whole celaning while others prefer to go shopping or maybe take the dogs for a walk. It all depends on what you want to do.

Deep Cleaning the Bathroom

Grout between batroom tiles is the number one dirt collector in the bathroom. The dirt on ground is used a an indicator to tell when how long was the bathroom deep cleaned. There are some of the pointers that needs to be taken into account when deep cleaning the bathroom:

  1. Remove all the loose items such as toothpaste, tooth brushes, small mirrors, cups, perfumes, small clothing items. Remove everything that is movable.
  2. The second step is dust and sweep the floor very well.
  3. Depending on dirty the batroom is, you might want to apply your cleaning solution to grout and other areas were dirt has been cummulating for a long time. Applying the solution and giving it 30 – 40 minutes to be absorbed by the dirty surface is critcal and might save you a second trip to the customer.
  4. Clean the bathroom including the taps, shower heads and everything that needs to be cleaned.
  5. Do not forget to properly clean the vanity area as well.
  6. The last and most important step might be to disinfect the bathroom. Depending on the negotiations with the client, you might want to charge extra for disifecting the bathrrom.

About Our Deep Cleaning Services

We offer deep cleaning for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Depending on the size of the proprty, we might be able to give you a quote telephonically or perhaps you might want to use our cleaning cost calculator.

We also offere electrostatic and disinfecting services, fogging, deep as well as normal or regular cleaning. Our packages include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and long term contracts.

Deep Cleaning Services We Don’t Offer

The only deep cleaning service that we do not offer is that one of specialised equipment and especially equipment used at most medical instutions and by surgeons.

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